Greetings Friend, 

Our vision at Yoga Isla Vista is wellbeing through a supportive community. 

To create a safe space where hearts open, bodies activate & minds relax.

To offer healing sciences like yoga, meditation, dance, breath, chanting, sound baths and 12-Step addiction recovery to local residents, UCSB students & faculty.

To bridge ancient wisdom with modern science, the East & the West, to relieve anxiety, stress, loneliness, depression & homesickness.  

To partner wisely with UCSB, Isla Vista Food Co-Op, Parks & Recreation on community health & wellness initiatives.

To respect natural rhythms, all people, Life.

Please answer this call to joy, play, intimacy.  

And as the great prophet Bob Marley said, "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.  None but ourselves can FREE OUR MINDS.

Be well,

Simar & Peter