200hr Teacher Training ~ Winter 2020

January 2020-April 2020

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Living Yoga: with Natalie Dawn

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There are many paths of Yoga. Here in the West, one of the most common is the physical practice of the aasana, and what is for most of us the first introduction.  For many students, the physical mat practice gives you complete satisfaction or contentment (santosha), and for other students it opens a door. Behind this door is an awakening of curiosity, of wanting to understand more.  For most, this desire begins and ends with their acquisition of knowledge while others are called upon to share their wisdom.

This 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is the first step to what is beyond the door.  An opportunity to explore, feed your wonder and deepen not only your physical practice, but taste other practices of yoga which you can fold into every aspect of your life.

This training is for those looking to empower their teaching voice as well as those with a desire to dive into a deeper understanding of their practice and a Yogic life.

  • Alignment & Injury Management

  • Ayurveda

  • Sequence Studies

  • Finding Your Teacher Voice

  •  Philosophy & History 

  • Alignment Cueing & Adjustments

  • Subtle Body

  • Folding Yoga into Life