Allison van Dorsten


Growing up on the San Francisco Bay, Allison has always had a knack for being in the water (hence the move to UCSB!) She started practicing yoga at age 12, and practicing SUP Yoga at age 16. Allison's passion for yoga and teaching blossomed once she moved to Isla Vista for college. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in Goleta in 2017 and has been teaching ever since. Recently, she has been able to extend her training into Ayurvedic Yoga (with Natalie Dawn!) and SUP Yoga in Sausalito, CA. You can catch her teaching a fun, fast, hot class in the studio, classes for the UCSB community out on the parks on DP, or in the ocean paddling. 



Megan Connors


Megan Connors received her 200 hour registered yoga teacher certification in 2014 from The Center For Yoga of Seattle. She draws on different yoga lineages to integrate into her classes, such as Iyengar and Ashtanga.

Megan started doing yoga 7 years ago to alleviate her rheumatoid arthritis. Now she continues to practice while being in symptom free thanks to her yoga practice, Dr. Henry Han and a change in diet. In her spare time, Megan loves reading, bird watching and learning about how the human body works.


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Hannah McCartney


Hannah found yoga and meditation when life as a full-time college student and part-time fast food employee left her physically and energetically out of alignment. In practicing asanas she discovered that stillness brings creativity, clarity, and realizations about herself and the world around her. As a teacher, she aims to create classes that encourage students to look inward and practice mindfulness not only in yoga class but throughout all life experiences. Hannah uses her intuition and imagination to create Vinyasa flow classes that include dynamic movements where the body is lead by the breath. She ensures student success by providing hands-on assists, modifications using props and clear verbal cues. Hannah encourages students, new and experienced, to join her in class as she believes all individuals can benefit from a yoga practice.



Daisy Johnson


Daisy believes that yoga offers a powerful tool to connect with ourselves, our bodies, and greater peace. She has studied a style of free-flow Vinyasa which adds a fun, dynamic, and creative element to her classes. Daisy’s class offers a space for you to tune in to your body, embrace your strength, and quiet your mind. Through bringing a lighthearted playful energy, Daisy hopes that you can move freely and deeply in her classes.


Amy Saleh



It was while standing in a wide-legged forward-fold that Amy Saleh surrendered to yoga’s offerings and began to fall in love with this refreshing perspective.  Amy was introduced to yoga during her time at UC Santa Cruz where she practiced in a forest meadow with her now husband. Her practice deepened when she discovered the slow and careful world of balancing poses. In spring of 2017, Amy received her 200HR YTT in Rishikesh, India. Upon her return, Amy began teaching in the Santa Ynez Valley and managing Bloom Yoga. At that time, she discovered Nia classes, which increased her passion for dance and added a new dynamic to her yoga practice. Amy became pregnant and paused her teaching career to practice prenatal and postpartum yoga.

Today, Amy loves exploring and teaching the slow, feminine forms of movement that yin, alignment, prenatal, and postpartum yoga offer. She looks forward to sharing the beauty and strength of a slow and mindful practice to all yoga practitioners. 


Dollianne Lipman


Growing up in Santa Barbara, Dollianne was blessed to live down the street from Santa Barbara Yoga Center where she began taking classes at the age of 14. Since then she has pursued her passion for yoga and Buddhist Studies by completing her degree from UCSB in South East Asian Religions, taking two trips to Asia studying with inspirational teachers in meditation and yoga, and completed her 200 hour Anusara Yoga teacher training in 2011.

Yoga has been a constant in her life through its ups and downs including her battle with cancer. Her classes infuse the many teachings into a creative and fun space for the students to slow down, observe, and feel safe to explore their inner landscape.



Sameer Saleh


Sameer’s yoga teaching journey started in India. After a 200 hour training in Rishikesh and one more in Santa Barbara with Jeanne Heileman, his practice and teaching has matured in many ways. Sameer loves practicing and teaching a strong, meditative, alignment-based vinyasa flow that pushes limits and allows for a freeing, nourishing, and restorative practice.

Sameer hopes to peel away the layers of the mind, body and soul so that his students can see more clearly the avenues to a more abundant and fulfilling life.

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Mika Aloni


From Tel Aviv Israel to San Francisco California, Mika has been exposed to a variety of cultures. Yoga entered her life after she suffered a devastating injury playing basketball in High School. Since then, Mika has developed her yoga practice in a multitude of studios and a wide variety of cities including Paris, Ein Gedi, Isla Mujeres, Rotterdam, Yosemite, and Santa Barbara.  

She wishes to share the importance of self awareness and body awareness in her classes.